The VoIP Uprising for Affordable VoIP Services

VoIP Phone service is quickly becoming the easiest way to save money on your monthly phone bill for your home or business. The definition of an Uprising is an organized opposition to authority or a conflict in which one faction tries to wrest control from another. When VoIP is added to this definition you have a VoIP Uprising. The VoIP Uprising mission is a simple one. The aim is to stop the major Phone and Cable Providers from taking control of the digital phone market. This will be accomplished by not allowing them to acquire a monopoly on VoIP services.

If people keep paying the high prices the major VoIP service providers are charging, the companies will simply keep charging more for their services. All VoIP services come from the Internet connection most people already have so why is it that the major players in the VoIP Movement charge sometimes as much as three times as much for a Broadband phone service. The answer is because they can. People pay the higher prices for the same service that is available cheaper because they think they will get a more reliable and better quality service. That is simply not true.

What is a VoIP Solution

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Your voice is transmitted over the Internet. There is only one Internet so how can the reliability or quality of an Internet telephone service be any better than another can. The quality and reliability of any VoIP service can only be as good as the Internet connection that is being used for the transmission. If the Internet connection you are using is solid, your digital phone service will be solid. It is as simple as that.

What are the Differences in Price

There are smaller VoIP Providers that charge as little as $9.95 for digital phone service. Their plans include all the features like voicemail and call waiting. The major companies charge extra for some of these features. The Cable and Phone Companies charge around $40 per month. All they can offer you is a rather large difference in price.

Those prices will only go higher if the larger digital phone companies are able to form a monopoly on VoIP services. You may think that the government will not allow them to become a monopoly. Does anybody remember what happened when a large landline phone company formed a monopoly on regular phone services? The government stepped in and ruled them a "Regulated Monopoly". All that ruling did was to continue to let the companies charge all they want but the government gets a cut of your money. We cannot let this happen again or we will be overpaying for broadband phone service for generations.

What Will Happen to Traditional Phone Service

VoIP phone service is here to stay. The landline phone providers will eventually cease to exist. How much do you want to be paying for phone service when this happens? There are many exciting innovations happening with VoIP technology. Just the integration of VoIP and cell phones alone will put VoIP technology as the standard digital phone service at home or at the office.

Millions of people already have high-speed Internet access on their Smartphones. The technology has already been developed for mobile VoIP. The latest technology has already been named VoWiFi, which is short for Voice over Wireless Fidelity. It is only a matter of time before it is the norm for mobile communications. The technology will allow you to seamlessly integrate VoIP service with cell phone service anywhere there is a Wi-Fi hot spot or WiMAX. Imagine walking into your office talking on your cell phone and the service seamlessly integrates with the office VoIP network. That is the Technology.

We will be watching as this new VoIP WiFi integration develops but for now we need to concentrate on minimizing the prices for VoIP services. The only way this will happen is to not let the larger companies get a stronghold on the broadband phone services. This can be accomplished through a VoIP Uprising. The VoIP technology is going mainstream. Will you be ready?

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