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The VoIP Uprising has compiled a wealth of information to better inform you of the different aspects of the VoIP technology. The VoIP technology is going mainstream and the only way to be ready for it is to gather all of the information possible about the subject. These articles will squelch the rumors about Internet telephone services and give you the facts about the digital phone technology.

Explore the advantages and disadvantages of VoIP services. Browse the articles, get informed and drop your old telephone service like a bad habit and embrace the VoIP technology with an open mind.

The Rumors about the VoIP Technology

This article attempts to squelch the rumors surrounding digital phone services. There are many rumors about VoIP services that give the technology a bad name. Everything you hear about poor voice quality and unreliable Internet phone service is simply a rumor. The larger companies that tried to push the VoIP technology out before it was ready, gave the VoIP service a bad name. The technology is ready now. Are you ready? Read the full article.

The Facts about the VoIP Technology

One of the most important facts to remember about the VoIP technology is that it is here to stay. This article deals with the quality and reliability of an Internet phone service as well as why the Telecom and Cable VoIP service providers charge such an outrageous fee. The resource also deals with the issue of where and when you can use a VoIP service. You do not need a computer to use a digital phone service and the person you are calling does not need to be using VoIP technology. Read the full article.

VoIP is Here - Will you be Ready?

It is a matter of time before VoIP phone services take over legacy telephony. Will you be ready? A VoIP service provider turns your voice into bytes and digitalizes it so the data can be transferred seamlessly through your existing Internet connection. In the past, there were skeptics who believed that there would be no need for computers in the average home and that the Internet would never become a need. They were undoubtedly proven wrong. The skeptics also believed that VoIP technology would never be perfected therefore never making it to mainstream. Read the full article...

What Is the US Recession Doing To the VoIP Industry?

VoIP is very inexpensive compared to traditional PSTN phone services, so it is in a good position to weather a cyclone such as a likely imminent US recession. More businesses could switch over to VoIP in order to save money. This is especially true because of high travel costs due to the rising price of fuel. VoIP enables employees to telecommute at low prices. Read the full article...