VoIP Rumors

Poor Digital Phone Quality

VoIP has come a long way. It is still rumored that the Internet Phone quality is poor and unreliable. That is a rumor that needs to be squelched. Digital phone service is quickly becoming the best phone service available. The reason that VoIP phone service got off to a bad start was that the technology came before its time. The Internet was not ready for Voice Over Internet Protocol. Therefore, the VoIP services quickly got a bad name in the phone industry for having poor voice quality and terrible reliability. The Internet has come a long ways thus laying the ground for superior digital phone service.

The quality and reliability of an Internet Phone Service is only as good as the Internet connection that delivers the VoIP technology. In other words, digital phone quality is only as good as your Internet connection. If you are in an area prone to Internet outages, then a VoIP service may not be right for you. At this time, the Internet has a very strong infrastructure. Services around the world depend on the Internet. VoIP service providers depend on the Internet to deliver reliable digital phone service to millions of customers.

Unreliable VoIP Service

In the quest for a reliable Internet Phone service provider, a few things need to be kept in mind. Questions need to be answered. How long has the VoIP provider been in business? Is their business strong and profitable? What other services does the company provide? The latter question is an important one. A good VoIP service provider needs to be focused on delivering the best digital phone service available. Some major companies out there are trying to deliver quality Internet phone service and juggling the old landline service along with Internet services and cable TV. They lose focus on what is important.

The rumors of poor quality digital phone service stem directly from the larger companies trying to get their hands into too many peoples wallets with no regard about the service they are delivering. The only things that those larger companies can deliver are poor quality VoIP services and higher prices to the consumer. The VoIP Uprising is focused on filtering through the poor quality Internet phone service providers and giving the consumer a choice of the best digital phone services at the lowest prices available. That is our mission.

Larger VoIP Service Providers have Better Service

Do not get fooled into thinking that a larger company can provide you with better service. Do not let them talk you into paying more for a service because it is more convenient. Convenience costs nothing but they charge you more for it anyway. The worst part about that scenario is that people pay for that convenience. This attitude makes no sense. Do your homework and find a VoIP service that fits your needs and your wallet will thank you. There are digital phone service providers that charge as little as $9.95 a month for a great quality service. Why pay five times more for convenience?

A quality Internet phone service provider is focused on delivering reliable digital phone service and dedicating all of their efforts to making the service the best service that technology will allow. The technological bottlenecks that held the VoIP service at bay are now non-existent. Short of nuclear annihilation or some other natural catastrophe, the Internet is here to stay and stronger than ever. Thus making VoIP Internet phone service here to stay and more reliable than ever before.

The rumor about VoIP services being of poor quality and reliability are partly true. The larger companies gave VoIP a bad name by trying to push the technology out before it was ready and they delivered poor quality phone service. The established Internet phone service providers charge much less and deliver superior Internet Phone Service. Squelch the rumors about VoIP services being of poor quality and reliability. Support the VoIP Uprising by supporting Internet phone service providers that deliver only the best quality and the most reliable VoIP services available!

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The PhonePower VoIP Service provider is one the cheapest digital phone service plans that delivers very good quality service. PhonePower has plans that start as low as $14.95 per month which is incomparable to any landline service available today. PhonePower also offers business plans with full PBX functionality starting at $39.95 a month. If your business runs on a traditional PBX telephone system, the upgrade to VoIP technology will be cost effective with no interruption to your regular phone service. The quality of the service is enterprise level and allows you to grow your phone system as the business grows. Business owners and residential phone users owe it to yourself to check out the stellar PhonePower Digital Phone Plans.

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