VoIP is the Next Generation of Home Phone

With the majority of households having high-speed Internet access, VoIP for home use is becoming an increasingly popular way to save money on home phone use. Everybody needs a phone of some sort and a cell phone is not for everybody, especially considering the high price you have to pay for the monthly bill. As VoIP gains in popularity and consumer confidence, landline phone bills will become higher to the point of pushing people to the alternative. That is why current landline telephone companies are themselves switching to VoIP communications. They want a piece of the action.

The only problem with the current telecoms becoming VoIP service providers is that they will continue to charge you much more than the service is actually worth. Many digital phone service providers charge less than half the price of the major telecoms and cable companies. How can they charge so little and still stay in business? The answer is simple; it is a relatively cheap service and the smaller providers pass the savings along to the customers instead of lining their own pockets.

Do Lower Priced VoIP Providers have a Lower Quality of Service?

VoIP is a standard meaning Voice over Internet Protocol. That means that every service provider has to follow the same standards with their service. All calls are routed over an IP service or Internet Protocol. IP is same protocol that has been in use for years and will continue to be the standard for years to come. Large companies charge a higher price for the service because they can but do not be fooled by their claims of better quality and support. The lower priced providers use the same protocol giving you the same voice quality as any other service. The only difference is the price.

There are Digital phone service providers that charge as little as $9.00 a month on average the price is about $20 for a good quality phone service. Why pay more? Just because it is bundled with your Internet service does not make it better, it just makes it more expensive. It makes no sense. We are already paying way too much for Internet service so why pay more to use the same service for a phone.

The Top Rated VoIP Service Providers

Below are just some of the VoIP service providers available that have great voice quality and customer support if the need arises. Compare these with your local cable or Telecom Company and make the right decision to save yourself some money on your phone bill.

Phone Power

Phone Power offers plans starting at $14.95 per month with unlimited long distance calling to the US and Canada with over 30 calling features included in the price. They often have a deal to purchase two years and you get the second year free. That amounts to a mere $8.33 a month. Phone Power also offers Free equipment and Free activation for online orders. Learn more about the Phone Power VoIP service.


The ViaTalk Internet Phone Service offers plans starting at $15.75 a month with unlimited calling, free equipment and all of the features you would need for a home phone service. The often offer a deal of $189 per year with the second year free. That is only $7.87 for two years of trouble free VoIP service. They also offer a plan that allows you to use VoIP via your iPhone. Learn more about the ViaTalk VoIP service.