Is VoIP the Right Solution for Business?

While there are many reasons to take advantage of a VoIP office solution for your business, first and foremost is saving the business money. Whether you own a small or home business or a large enterprise, the savings will be realized through many factors. There are many features of a VoIP service that come with the package and, unlike traditional phone systems, are free to use. Most plans have so many features that the average business may never need to deploy but they are there if you need them.

Some of the Features of a Business VoIP Solution

Many of the top VoIP service providers offer basic features such as voice mail, conference calling and call forwarding. Others may offer more PBX features including an auto attendant, find me follow me, caller ID, Internet fax services, voice to email and so much more. All of these features can be easily deployed using your existing phone architecture. The features also enhance the perception of your business to your customers making it more profitable.

The auto attendant feature alone gives your business that large enterprise feeling. When customers call, most are already conditioned to receiving keypad instructions on how to get through to the person or group they are trying to reach. However annoying this procedure may be, it works for the business by reducing costs of labor and if it is set up properly, can be an easy experience. The auto attendants are fully customizable to fit your business.

Find the Right Service for your Business Model

The pricing of a business VoIP service do differ considerably for a variety of reasons. Usually the solutions that charge a larger monthly fee have all of the extra features already incorporated into the plan. Others charge a smaller monthly fee but may charge extra if you decide you need extra features as your business expands. Check the details of each plan carefully to see which one is right for your business model.

Extra lines must also be a pricing consideration. Some companies charge a set monthly rate and charge for additional lines. Others charge a larger monthly rate for a certain range of needed phone lines. Again, this comparison is based on your business needs. If your business has one to five employees and you do not plan to expand anytime soon, find a plan that offers a good price for that model. If you plan to expand in the near future, it may be beneficial to pay more of a monthly fee for unlimited lines to accommodate the expansion. There are many plans and VoIP choices available.

Here are just a few Reliable Business VoIP Service Providers


RingCentral Office is a complete, hosted phone and fax system that combines virtual PBX and VoIP phone service with unlimited calling and full-featured IP phones ready for use. The plans RingCentral offers include everything you need to develop your business presence.Pre-configured VoIP phones, toll free or local numbers and unlimited calling and faxing are just some of the benefits.The monthly plans start at $49.99 and you can add RingCentral Professional to keep you connected to your office all times, wherever you work.Add RingCentral Fax for an affordable Internet fax service for businesses and mobile employees. Read more about how RingCentral can save you money on your monthly business phone bills. Call for more information about RingCentral Office: 877-801-4188


The Nextiva VoIP Phone Solution for small business is an award wining VoIP service provider that features Nextiva Business VoIP, Call Centers and PBX SIP Trunks. Nextiva Office Pro is a virtual PBX service that gives your business a professional image along with powerful tools to boost your existing phone service. The Nextiva Office Pro combines the flexibility and features of the virtual PBX Service and a powerful VoIP network to replace high-priced business phone systems. Learn more about the Nextiva VoIP phone solutions here. is an Inexpensive Virtual Phone System for Small Businesses that provides the perfect Web based telecom solution for every Small or Home Office based business.  When you sign up for Virtual Office you can choose a local phone number (in any area code) or a toll free number, or you can “roll your number” over to With Virtual Office’s robust suite of high-end flexible phone features, greetings, menus and communications utilities, you can suddenly sound and feel like a Fortune 500 company! The first month is 100% free – and activation is instant once you register for your Free Trial.  Read more about the service and free trial available.