RingCentral VoIP Solution for Business

A RingCentral VoIP office solution offers a variety of ways to enhance your business presence and save you money in the process.  RingCentral Office is a fully functional virtual PBX office phone system.  RingCentral Professional offers your business a choice of toll free or local number with multiple extensions, auto-receptionist, live call forwarding, on-hold music and messaging, a dial-by-name directory, Internet fax and much more.  RingCentral Fax is an Internet based Fax system that allows you to send and receive faxes from the Microsoft Office suite, emails or from your mobile phone. 

All of those features combine to enhance your business presence and save you money with no hardware to set up and no hidden costs to hinder the experience.  RingCentral maintains the necessary equipment and the PBX functions are offered to your business via VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol.  It is also very economical and significantly reduces the cost of operating a business class phone system. 

What is Virtual PBX and How Does it Save Money

PBX is an acronym that stands for Private Branch Exchanges.  The technology has been used for years but recent technological advances have made the technology cheaper and easier to use than previous systems.  The new technology has allowed PBX to go virtual eliminating the need for expensive hardware purchases.  Thus, the term Virtual PBX was invented.  The new technology has made communications inside and outside of a business easier to maintain.

Virtual PBX Enhances your Business Presence

It seems that everyone has grown accustomed to getting an auto attendant when calling a large business.  Frustrating as the systems may see, they save money by not having to commit unneeded resources to an inferior phone system and its operators.  A good virtual phone system will get your customers to the communication point they are looking for quickly and easily.  This function is fully customizable by you; the business owner.  Who knows better about what your customers are trying to contact you about than you. 

The Ring Central auto attendant greets your callers with a suitable greeting to suit your business model.  Callers are provided with menu options to select the person or department they are trying to reach.  The customers are given options to dial by extension, dial by name or a category of departments.  The auto attendant is capable of handling numerous calls and performs instant call transfer without sending out line busy signals that may discourage a prospective customer.

Whether your business is a one-man show or you have several employees and plan to expand, RingCentral has an affordable business phone system that will fit your budget and grow with your business.

RingCentral Office

RingCentral Office is a complete, Internet-based business phone system that includes unlimited calling to the US and Canada, Internet fax, voicemail, and advanced call management features. Port your existing number and equipment your office with business-class IP phones.

RingCentral Office is the #1 cloud business phone system that eliminates expensive equipment that you have to maintain. They provide phones that simply plug in to deliver enterprise-class functionality.

The sign up for RingCentral Office is simple and the online process only takes minutes. You will get an affordable monthly rate and instant activation with no setup fees or contracts required.

RingCentral Office offers powerful business phone system features and more! Get unlimited calling, faxing and Business SMS. New features include Business Conferencing and Salesforce integration.

Here is a comparison of the RingCentral Office plans available:

RingCentral Office Plans and Pricing

USA RingCentral Office - Includes Voice, Fax, Text and Conferencing. Your phone system in the cloud, learn more about the features available with the different plans.

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Here is a comparison of the RingCentral Professional plans available:

RingCentral Professional Plans and Pricing

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RingCentral Office