The Nextiva Business VoIP Phone Service

The Nextiva Business Phone Service with Award-Winning Professional Features has joined the VoIP Uprising in its quest to find the cheapest and most reliable business digital phone service available. They have come to us with some fantastic deals on their service. The Nextiva Complete Digital Small Business Phone System uses the next-generation communications platform providing Small Businesses with Big Business Phone Features at a Small Business Price. In this slumping economy, a business needs to do everything possible to stay viable. It may be time to look at alternatives to your existing phone system.

Nextiva understands that communication is the heart of any business. That is why they created an affordable replacement for your expensive business phone lines and service. Prior to Nextiva, you had nowhere to go for phone service except the very expensive local phone company. They charged you high monthly rates, provided very few features and everything cost extra. The Nextiva Office system replaces everything you got from them, and adds many great features that help any business get more out of their phones, all for hundreds or even thousands less per year than your old phone company.

Best Business Class VoIP Provider Award

Nextiva is one of the fastest growing business phone service providers. They were recently awarded Best Business Class VoIP Provider, Best Customer Support, Top Call Quality Provider, just to name a few. Nextiva’s service is specifically designed for small businesses: providing affordable and reliable phone service, with professional business-class features that are easy to use and manage.

Nextiva Business VoIP combines the advanced hosted PBX features of Business VoIP with complete telephone service. With Business VoIP, there is no expensive hardware to purchase or support. As long as you have a reliable high-speed Internet connection, all you need are telephones. You can buy IP phones from Nextiva, or, if you would rather use your existing phones, an inexpensive adapter is all that is required.

The Nextiva hosted PBX or virtual phone system is a cost-efficient alternative to traditional PBX phone system. The virtual phone system is a fully automatic call answering and routing communication system. It is provided through advanced VOIP technology and managed by Nextiva SIP Trunking.

The Nextiva Voice Engine

The heart of the Business VoIP system is the hosted Nextiva Voice Engine. This system resides in their data centers, not in your office. Therefore, there is no expensive hardware to purchase and no maintenance to perform or worry about. All of your company's voicemail, account settings, and user configurations are securely stored on the Nextiva servers. Therefore, no matter how much you grow, or where you move to, all of your information is safe and you never have to worry about uninstalling and reinstalling hardware.

Some Advantages and Features of Nextiva:

As a business owner, you know that every dollar you spend affects your bottom line. You owe it to yourself to see how the Nextiva VoIP phone service provider can increase your bottom line. Check out Nextiva and compare it to your current phone service to see if you can make a difference by switching to the Business Phone Service with Award-Winning Professional Features.

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