ViaTalk Broadband Phone Service

ViaTalk digital phone service is another major faction for the VoIP Uprising. They are another provider that proves that the Cable and Telecom Companies are simply charging too much money for VoIP phone services. ViaTalk offers plans starting as little as $9.95 a month, which includes all of the calling features you need from a phone in today's fast-paced society.

The larger Cable and Telephone digital phone service providers that are pushing their digital phone packages are charging extra for a basic feature like voicemail. The worst part about that fact is that people are paying for it. That makes absolutely no sense. Nevertheless, if people keep paying the higher prices for VoIP service from the larger companies, they will continue to charge you more.

ViaTalk is a natural replacement for your landline or your current digital phone service. For a limited time they are offering two unlimited phone lines for either $199 per year or if you don't want to subscribe for a year they only charge you $22.95 per month for the unlimited calling plan. Here is a look at the ViaTalk Unlimited plan. Notice that all of the standard calling features are included with the ViaTalk VoIP broadband phone service plan. Some companies will charge you for these features. Check your current phone bill to see how much you pay for these features.

The ViaTalk VoIP Plan Prices

ViaTalk offers a variety of VoIP service plans for the different customers that they characterize. They have a service called BYOD. BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device. This plan would be for the more technical savvy customers that may want to choose their own hardware. As a BYOD customer of ViaTalk, you benefit from free shipping and activation as well as priority setup.

The ViaTalk VoIP Internet phone service provider has one of the most cost effective broadband phone service packages available. They have an excellent technical support team that is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The VoIP network runs on a state of the art fiber network ensuring you high availability and quality service at a great price.

Here is a complete list of all the features ViaTalk offers with all of their broadband phone service packages.

ViaTalk VoIP Calling Features

The setup of the ViaTalk VoIP phone service is a snap too. ViaTalk sends you the preconfigured router. You plug your broadband Internet connection into the router and your then plug your existing phone into the same router. Pick up the phone and make a call just as you normally would. It is as simple as that. The ViaTalk VoIP service does not hinder the use of your computer in any way.

ViaTalk is a refreshing change from the telecom monopolies of the past. The ViaTalk Internet phone service provider is centered on the customer and focused on providing the best customer service available in the VoIP industry.

For a limited time ViaTalk is offering one of the best VoIP deals around. They are offering two phone lines plus a full year of free broadband phone service. There is no initial equipment fee. This is a limited time offer.

The ViaTalk broadband phone system is truly a great help for the VoIP Uprising mission of trying to keep the prices of VoIP prices from skyrocketing. Try ViaTalk Today!

Save big on your phone bill with ViaTalk