Phone Power VoIP Service Provider

Phone Power is one of the broadband telephone providers that are involved in the VoIP Uprising. Phone Power is proof that the Cable and Phone Companies are charging too much for VoIP digital phone service. The Phone and Cable Providers charge a minimum of $40 per month for their broadband phone service. Phone Power has plans that start as little as $8.83 a month.

For a limited time you can get the PhonePower VoIP Service for a mere $8.83 per month if you prepay for a year!

The Features of Phone Power

Phone Power offers virtually unlimited local and long distance calling to the US and Canada.

Full VoIP features including:

The larger Cable and Telecom digital phone service providers charge you extra for the calling features that are free with the Phone Power Internet phone service . All of the calling features below come free with the Phone Power residential VoIP plan. Check your current phone bill to see how much you are paying for these features.

The Calling Features Offered by Phone Power

How can the larger digital phone providers charge as much as three times as much for their digital phone service? People are paying the prices so they will continue to over charge the consumer. The Phone Power VoIP service comes through your Internet connection. The Cable and Phone Companies VoIP service comes through your Internet connection. VoIP quality and reliability are only as good as your Internet connection so why would you want to pay more for the same service. We are already paying too much for an Internet connection. We do not have to pay too much for a digital phone connection.

Phone Power is just one of the alternatives. Competition lowers prices. We need to compete with the larger companies before they achieve a monopoly on VoIP services and we pay for it for years to come.

VoIP is Here to Stay

Eventually, every home and business phone will curtail from the VoIP technology. How much do you want to pay for a relatively cheap service in the future? Now is the time to keep the prices to a minimum. Support the smaller VoIP providers now to keep the prices down in the future. We do not need to let the larger companies form a regulated monopoly as the landline telephone companies have in the past. People that still have a landline are still paying for that mistake! We cannot allow that to happen again.

As with most of the smaller VoIP service providers, Phone Power gives you all of the equipment you need to get started with your VoIP service - For Free. You can even use the phones you already own for digital phone service and you can keep your same phone number. All you need is a broadband Internet connection.

VoIP service plan Deals that Phone Power is offering.


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