Virtual Office VoIP Solution Business Virtual Phone Service is a service created specifically for Small and Home based businesses. provides a virtual office solution that lets you get toll free and vanity numbers for your business and manage them however you see fit.  The virtual office includes auto attendant, voicemail, custom greetings, Internet fax receiving, call transfer and many more features you would expect from very expensive business phone system.  The big difference is that will save you money on monthly phone expenses. 

Virtual PBX, Hosted PBX or a Virtual Office solution all have basically the same meaning.  The services use VoIP as a communication protocol and the Internet to administer the service.  There are no more expensive hardware purchases incorporated with using the PBX features that we have all grown accustomed to using.  Long distance and International calls can be made at practical charges. Businesses can be expanded without maintaining additional telephone connections because the virtual PBX phone service makes it possible for several extensions to be maintained from existing numbers, saving money once again.

Virtual Phone Service: Business Phone Services: Pricing & Plans offers several virtual phone service plans that come with a variety of minutes and other service solutions. You can choose the business VoIP service that best fits your company’s needs. Compare the rates and options of each of the four business phone solutions below, and sign up for the virtual office phone service of your choice to start saving your business money. Available Features

The Virtual Office is packed with all of the features your business needs to efficiently manage all of your business phone needs.  The Features include, Mobile Office and Mobile VoIP that works in conjunction with your Virtual Office account. Here is just a sample of the features included in the plans available.

How Does the Virtual Office PBX Work

When someone calls your office number, the customer will reach an auto attendant that routes the call to the appropriate extension or phone.  Calls can be routed to your office phone, cell phones, voicemail and there are other options available on the menu.  The office is virtual so you can be anywhere in the world and benefit from the same features.  The Virtual Office can be customized to handle virtual any communication situation by using the online administration control panel that is assigned to you when a plan is purchased. 

The options can be scheduled to route incoming calls to different locations based on the time of day or day the calls are received.  It can even be set up to ring multiple numbers until one of the numbers are answered.  The recordings the caller is presented with are fully customizable also with many different dialects and accents to choose. just made rich communication better on your mobile phone whether you’re at home, the office, the airport or any outdoor location. Now you can use your number from your mobile phone. Add this Free Android or BlackBerry app to your account today. This flexible, feature-rich mobile application lets you place and receive calls on your cell phone using your phone number! Mobile Office is designed to work in conjunction with any service plan. The Android and BlackBerry apps are a great solution for mobile professionals.

The Virtual Office is a Low Cost, Easy to Use Solution Business Virtual Phone Service hosts the Virtual Office utilizing VoIP technology in their data centers.  All you have to do is the initial set up of the service through the administration web portal and the service takes care of the rest.  There is no hardware or software to purchase, no technicians to hire and best of all, no maintenance.  Plan on expanding your business – no problem.  You can easily add new office phone numbers and extensions  through your online account at anytime.

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