Fonality VoIP for Business

After further review of the Fonality VoIP Phone System for Small Business, we decided that it had a few too many quirks to call it a reliable Business VoIP phone service. You may want to stick with a more reliable and cheaper Business digital phone service like RingCentral,, Nextiva, or Phone Power

Fonality is a VoIP solution tailored for the small to medium sized business that is looking for an enterprise quality PBX phone system. PBX or Public Branch Exchange, costs less than connecting an external phone line to every telephone in the organization. With Fonality's PBXtra package coupled with a cheap VoIP service provider, your business phone system will cost a lot less!

Fonality offers affordable communications solutions that are easy to use and manage, scalable, reliable and deliver unparalleled enterprise-class functionality for a small business budget. Fonality PBXtra IP business phone systems cost 40% to 80% less than comparable systems, with packages starting at only $995 for unlimited extensions, Outlook integration, branch office support, auto-attendant, and no additional set-up or installation charges.

The Fonality phone systems are VoIP and PSTN ready. The Fonality business phone system comes with a one-server license of PBXtra Standard Edition and a brand new server with PBXtra pre-installed and configured. The software carries with it a license for unlimited extensions and comes standard with many features.

VoIP Ready.

PBXtra is VoIP-ready right out of the box. A couple of mouse clicks and you can connect PBXtra to your choice of VoIP Providers. If you're not comfortable with switching everything to VoIP, you can keep regular calls going out over POTS/PSTN and only use VoIP for inter-office or intra-office calls. This way, all internal company communication is 100% free.

Switching to VoIP brings other PBXtra benefits, including the ability to change outbound caller-ID on a per extension basis; having more inbound than outbound lines or vice-versa; ordering virtual numbers from other area codes; and much more. And if VoIP ever lets you down during a call, PBXtra has a PSTN fallback feature that will ensure that your call is not interrupted.

Branch Office Support.

If you have a multi-office business, you can easily link satellite locations using low-cost PBXtra servers. With linked servers, you benefit from free office-to-office calling via VoIP, and the ability to forward or transfer calls to any extension across the system.

Outlook Integration.

When used in tandem, PBXtra and HUD integrate with Microsoft Outlook, which makes call screening a breeze. When one of your Outlook contacts calls you, their name shows up on your screen. Plus you can initiate calls from within Outlook simply by right-clicking on a contact.

Unlimited Extensions.

Enjoy unlimited extensions with all editions of PBXtra. Customize each extension with direct phone lines (Direct Inward Dialing or DID), outbound caller-ID, spell-by-name directory listing, voicemail settings, and more.


Feel silly calling yourself to retrieve your voicemails? With PBXtra you can have your voicemails emailed to you as attachments and listen to them on your computer. You can also forward them to share with anyone you want. Or, if you prefer to retrieve your voicemail the old fashioned way, PBXtra can send you an email or pager notification.

CRM Integration/Web Launcher.

When PBXtra is used with HUD, all incoming and outgoing calls launch a web search or CRM lookup based on the caller-ID. This CRM integration gives employees contact specific knowledge, which in turn enhances their professional status in the mind of the caller.

Call Center Capabilities.

With PBXtra Call Center Edition, building call centers are finally affordable. Now you can boast an in-house or remote customer support and sales team, and handle all customer inquiries with queues, Automatic Call Distribution, skills-based routing, powerful reporting, and more.


One of PBXtra's most powerful features is the Auto-Attendant, which allows callers to choose a path through your phone system. With simple clicks of the mouse you can manage call flow, build scheduled responses, forward calls off-site, and more.

Dial-by Name Directory.

PBXtra comes preconfigured with a professional spell-by-last-name directory. Don't want to be in the Name Directory? No problem; the PBXtra administrator can easily exclude selected extensions.

Call Monitor/Barge.

Call monitor and barge is an invaluable feature for training employees and managing agents. PBXtra with HUD Agent lets supervisors monitor, train, and barge calls easily. And with Private Enterprise Chat, agents can be guided in real time.

On-the-fly Recording.

PBXtra with HUD Agent provides the capability of recording calls with a single click. This is especially useful when negotiating contracts.

Powerful Reporting.

View real-time call logs for all extensions with powerful search and filter parameters from the PBXtra Web Admin Panel. Real-time billing is also available if you use our VoIP network. This useful feature lets you see just how much you're spending company-wide on telephone calls at any point in time. Additionally, marketers can calculate ROI by tracking effectiveness of marketing campaigns with PBXtra's extensive reporting features.

Conference Bridges.

Host conference calls with zero setup. PBXtra comes preconfigured with conference bridges that support unlimited internal participants and as many external participants as you have phone lines. PBXtra Standard Edition has 1 conference bridge, Professional Edition has 3, and Call Center Edition has 5.

RingCentral service is specifically designed for small businesses: providing affordable and reliable phone service, with professional business-class features that are easy to use and manage. Call for more information about RingCentral Office: 877-801-4188