Lingo VoIP Service Provider

The Lingo digital phone service used to be one of the major contributors to the VoIP Uprising mission. Lingo is major for the fact that they deliver unlimited local and long distance VoIP calling service to the United States, Canada and over 45 other countries. This service is delivered costing you only $21.95 a month with the first month free!

If you do a lot of long distance calling, you already know how much the savings will be. The price of landline long distance calling is astronomical. The major Cable and Telecom providers offering VoIP Service charge per minute for long distance calling outside of the US and Canada.

These are just some of the countries you can call using the Lingo broadband phone service:

US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Finland, Austria, Luxembourg, Norway, Vatican City, Portugal, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, and South Korea.

Lingo also has some lower priced plans available that will still save you money on your monthly phone bill. Take a look.

Lingo offers all of the standard VoIP calling features like Voicemail, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Return Call, Caller ID with name, 411, 911 dialing, and many more features at no extra cost to you. The major companies charge you extra for some of those features. Why pay more?

Features and Benefits that Lingo offers with their VoIP calling plans.

Lingo Smart Talk Features and Benefits

Lingo is backed by Primus Telecommunications Group, Incorporated. Primus first entered the VoIP market in 1999, they own, and operate an extensive global network, including a VoIP network that spans 150 countries and carries nearly two billion minutes of worldwide VoIP traffic annually. The reason this fact is brought up is to assure you that they will not be shutting down their VoIP services none to soon, or going bankrupt like some of the other VoIP providers.

Lingo is here to stay as long as they do not get taken over by the major telephone or cable companies. We cannot let this happen unless we want to be paying outrageous prices for our VoIP services for generations to come.

Lingo recently received the honor of the Wired Magazine Editor's pick for VoIP services.

Join us in the VoIP Uprising and make the Phone and Cable companies lower their digital phone service prices before it is too late. If people keep paying their outrageous prices, they will keep raising them. We need to band together and give them some competition. That is the only thing that will stop them from taking away the VoIP market from the smaller Internet phone service companies that are trying to make a difference. Join Lingo and help make the VoIP Uprising make a difference.

For a limited time you can save $116.85 on Lingo Go Talk. Savings include; First Month Free, Free Activation, Free Shipping and Free Equipment!