OnSIP Business VoIP Service Provider

The OnSIP VoIP hosted PBX business solution takes a slightly different approach to its services than other VoIP service providers.  OnSIP’s unique approach charges one flat fee that includes unlimited extensions.  Your business has no PBX hardware to manage and with no cost per user, OnSIP is one of the most cost effective business VoIP service providers available.

OnSIP, by Junction Networks, is a reliable business class VoIP service accessed over the Internet for companies with 5 to 100 employees. OnSIP customers enjoy the benefits of a business class phone system without the traditional high cost and cumbersome technical management burdens.  With more than 5,000 customers, Junction Networks is one of the largest providers of hosted VoIP services to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Here is an illustration showing how the OnSIP hosted PBX system works

How OnSIP Works

What is This OnSIP Stuff

Let’s start with the term SIP.  SIP stands for Session Initiated Protocol.  When that is combined with a PBX or Hosted VoIP service, the potential is virtually unlimited as a communications service.  There can be multiple devices and sessions operating all at the same time without being locked into any specific location.  Once a session is started, others can join and leave as desired and once all sessions are closed, the service is terminated. 

OnSIP is a completely outsourced business phone service delivered over the Internet with no contracts or commitments to abide by.  It is a total replacement for any PBX system with no hardware to manage and no cost per user fees making OnSIP a very cost effective business VoIP solution for any business.  All you need is a high-speed Internet connection and OnSIP takes care of the call routing between outside phone services.

Unlimited Users and Extensions are Free

There is no per-user or per-extension cost with OnSIP.  You can have as many users and extensions as you need; anywhere you need them as long as there is an Internet connection.  Each user can be simultaneously registered on up to 10 SIP devices.  Each user can have a phone in the office, a phone at the home office or a phone at the beach house if so desired but not recommended.  Phones can be deployed and moved anywhere that a high-speed Internet connection is available.

Many businesses usually have more than one physical location where employees are working. Working from home and not at the office is becoming quite common.  Staying connected remotely is a challenge that many companies could face. The emergence of systems like OnSIP virtual PBX using the VoIP as the communications protocol, with no physical limitation as to where someone can connect is a giant step forward for business communications.

OnSIP Plans and Pricing

OnSIP has plans available starting at $39.95 per month with unlimited users and extensions and a variety of other communication utilities to keep your business running at its peak performance at a low cost.  Here is just a sample of some of the features and pricing plans available from OnSIP. 

Pick a Package for your Company. No Cost Per Users or Extensions