8x8 Internet Phone Service Provider

The 8x8 broadband phone company and VoIP service provider is lending a huge hand for the mission of the VoIP Uprising. Our mission is a simple one. We want to ensure that the major telecoms do not gain full control over the VoIP market. If they gain full control, the price for digital phone service will continue to rise for generations to come. We cannot allow this to happen.

VoIP is a relatively cheap home office or business digital phone service that works with your existing Internet connection. There is no reason, except greed, that the Cable and Phone Providers should charge so much money for their broadband phone service. 8xt8 proves this by offering plans that are much lower in price per month. Not sure about where you are but our local cable company wanted to charge half of my business and my first born child for digital phone service with very few options included. They offer all of the options 8x8 does but they charge extra for features. Why? People pay for it. If people continue to pay the outrageous prices, the price will continue to rise.

8x8 is the Cheaper Alternative

This is where the VoIP Uprising and 8x8 appear on your horizon. We are here to show you that there are cheaper alternatives that deliver the same, if not better, voice quality over the Internet. 8x8 delivers the quality and reliability of VoIP service at almost three times less than the Cable companies do. Both digital phone services come from the same Internet. If your high-speed Internet connection is reliable, your Internet phone service will be reliable too. It is that simple.

When's the last time you were excited about your business phone service? With 8x8 you will be. By leveraging the power of business VoIP technology, 8x8 Virtual Office gives you all the business phone service features you need to get your work done now—and takes it to a whole new level. And it's all delivered right over your Internet connection.

The 8x8 VoIP digital phone service was created in 2002 by 8x8, Inc. 8x8 is a 20 year old telecommunications company with more than 68 multimedia and VoIP patents. 8x8 will be delivering quality voice and video Internet phone service for years to come. They will continue to deliver their reliable VoIP service at a lower price than the Cable and Phone Companies as long as the larger companies do not create a monopoly on VoIP services.

If the larger digital phone providers are able to create a monopoly on VoIP services, the government will step in and make them a "Regulated Monopoly" as they did with the Telephone companies in the past. All that regulation will do is raise the prices even more because the government will get a cut of the money. If this happens, say goodbye to cheap digital phone rates forever.

Virtual Office Benefits:

8x8 Business Package

8x8 offers a Virtual Office for phone, mobile and collaboration

8x8 also offers a Virtual Contact Center and Virtual Meeting for Web and Video Conferencing

All upgrades, updates and features are included for the life of the business VoIP service subscription.

8x8 is proof that the larger companies are charging too much. If you are using one of those services, you owe it to yourself, and your wallet, to get some more information.