Will you be Ready For VoIP?

It is a matter of time before VoIP phone services take over legacy telephony. Will you be ready? A VoIP service provider turns your voice into bytes and digitalizes it so the data can be transferred seamlessly through your existing Internet connection. In the past, there were skeptics who believed that there would be no need for computers in the average home and that the Internet would never become a need. They were undoubtedly proven wrong.

The skeptics also believed that VoIP technology would never be perfected therefore never making it to mainstream. They were wrong too. Digital phone technology is on the verge of taking over communications as we know it. Business communications, home phones and cell phones, VoIP technology is here. Will you be ready?

Residential Digital Phone Service

Using a VoIP phone service in your home will significantly lower your monthly phone bill to a point where you will be wishing you changed a long time ago. If you don’t use the phone much but the need is there to own one, there are limited calling plans that start as low as $9.95. If you are a person or family that uses the phone a lot, there are unlimited VoIP calling plans that are very inexpensive compared to the classic phone system calling plans.

Avoid falling into the trap of letting your current phone company switch you over to one of their digital phone service plans. They will barrage you with all of the same extra fees and service charges that you are paying now. There are many Internet phone service providers that charge you a monthly fee and that’s it. No extra fees involved.

VoIP in the Business

Most businesses need the Internet for everyday communication needs. Email, videoconferencing and web applications are a necessity today. When VoIP is implemented into a business, all of these features are integrated into the digital phone service through VoIP technology. The cost savings of replacing your old worn out and expensive PBX or Centrex phone system will be realized immediately.

The advanced features of a VoIP PBX system and the simplified infrastructure will noticeably increase productivity within your entire office. If your business has multiple locations, you can usually use your existing phone system for calls within the office and implement a VoIP calling solution between the multiple locations. If you are getting ready to replace your ancient PBX, IP PBX is the solution of choice.

Cell Phone and VoWiFi VoIP Integration

The merging of Wi-Fi and VoIP is probably the step in the VoIP history that will put the digital phone technology on the cutting edge of mobile communications. When VoIP is used in conjunction with a cellular phone, you would be using the much cheaper VoIP phone service instead of wasting those valuable cell phone minutes thus significantly decreasing the cost of mobile communications. This new technology allows you to use VoWiFi anywhere there is a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Wireless Internet connections are not yet available everywhere and that is the factor that is slowing down this new technology. As more wireless hotspots become available the integration of VoIP and WiFi will quickly become the next big thing. Remember that fact when you purchase your next cell phone.

Will you be ready?

The cheapest and most reliable VoIP services available:

Featured Business VoIP Service - RingCentral Business VoIP Services

RingCentral Office is a complete, hosted phone and fax system that combines virtual PBX and VoIP phone service with unlimited calling and full-featured IP phones ready for use. The plans RingCentral offers include everything you need to develop your business presence.Pre-configured VoIP phones, toll free or local numbers and unlimited calling and faxing are just some of the benefits.The monthly plans start at $49.99 and you can add RingCentral Professional to keep you connected to your office all times, wherever you work.Add RingCentral Fax for an affordable Internet fax service for businesses and mobile employees. Read more about how RingCentral can save you money on your monthly business phone bills. Call for more information about RingCentral Office: 877-801-4188

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Featured Home VoIP Service - Phone Power Internet Phone Solution

The PhonePower VoIP Service provider is one the cheapest digital phone service plans that delivers very good quality service. PhonePower has plans that start as low as $14.95 per month which is incomparable to any landline service available today. PhonePower also offers business plans with full PBX functionality starting at $39.95 a month. If your business runs on a traditional PBX telephone system, the upgrade to VoIP technology will be cost effective with no interruption to your regular phone service. The quality of the service is enterprise level and allows you to grow your phone system as the business grows. Business owners and residential phone users owe it to yourself to check out the stellar PhonePower Digital Phone Plans.

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