iConnectHere Phone Service

After an in depth review of the iConnectHere Digital phone Service, we decided that it had a few too many quirks to call it a reliable VoIP phone service. You may want to stick with some of the more reliable VoIP services like Phone Power.

iiConnectHere is another Internet phone service that proves that the Cable and Phone Companies are charging too much money for a relatively cheap Internet phone service. They offer plans as low as $6.99 for a Basic World Plan. iConnectHere is a global Internet Phone Service that allows you to make reliable, quality phone calls over a broadband Internet connection. The Basic World Plan is a pay as you go plan and it features ridiculously low International calling rates. iConnectHere also offers a World Plan Unlimited for only $29.99 a month. That is unlimited worldwide calling for just $29.99 per month. Try that with your current provider!

The World Plan Unlimited allows you to call USA , UK , Canada , Argentina , China , Germany , Puerto Rico , Russia , and Spain for one low rate. Most Cable and Telecom Providers only let you call the United States and Canada and they charge an arm and a leg to call other countries. People have to stop paying outrageous prices for Internet phone service. If people continue to pay the higher prices for VoIP phone services, your kids will be paying high prices for VoIP phone service until a new technology for a cheaper phone service is developed. How long were landlines used and how much did generations of phone users have to pay for that service?

The high rates paid for landline phone service was the direct result of letting the larger telephone companies putting the smaller, cheaper providers out of business because people paid the higher prices because there was no uprising. We cannot let this happen again. The VoIP technology is here to stay. VoIP is being integrated into our cell phones as you read this. It will not be long where you will walk into your office using your cell phone and the VoIP network will seamlessly take over. The technology is here. Are you ready?

All of the hardware you need is free with the iConnectHere VoIP service plans. They also include a free United States phone Number. iConnectHere even includes a free virtual calling card that you can use anywhere in the world.

Those plans are unparalleled with any Internet phone service plans that you will find with a larger Cable or Telecom provider. Why pay more?

iConnectHere is backed by deltathree which was founded in 1996, a leading provider of digital telephone solutions to service providers and consumers worldwide. Deltathree offers high quality Internet phone service to hundreds of thousands of satisfied VoIP phone users around the world.

Join the VoIP Uprising to help keep the VoIP technology cheap. It is still a cheap digital phone service for the time being, but if people do not stop paying the high prices for Internet telephone service, that will not last for too long.

The cheapest and most reliable VoIP services available:

Phone Power Internet Phone Solution

The PhonePower VoIP Service provider is one the cheapest digital phone service plans that delivers very good quality service. PhonePower has plans that start as low as $14.95 per month which is incomparable to any landline service available today. PhonePower also offers business plans with full PBX functionality starting at $22.95 a month. If your business runs on a traditional PBX telephone system, the upgrade to VoIP technology will be cost effective with no interruption to your regular phone service. The quality of the service is enterprise level and allows you to grow your phone system as the business grows. Business owners and residential phone users owe it to yourself to check out the stellar PhonePower Digital Phone Plans.

ViaTalk Broadband Phone Service Solution

ViaTalk has many different business and residential VoIP phone service plans available. At this time, they are offering one year of free VoIP phone service. That plan offers unlimited calling in the United States and Canada for two phone lines. ViaTalk offers free equipment to get you started and stellar US based support. ViaTalk is a privately owned, multi-million dollar, debt-free corporation located in upstate New York. ViaTalk is a very cost effective and complete digital phone service for your home or business. Why pay more? ViaTalk offers VoIP phone plans that start as little as $9.95 per month and unlimited plans as low as $199 per year. Check out the ViaTalk digital phone service plans.

Nextiva Affordable Business VoIP Solution

The Nextiva Business VoIP phone service is an excellent choice for a small business that wants to be perceived as an enterprise level company. Nextiva delivers that perception at a price that a small business can afford. Nextiva offers Advanced Virtual Auto Attendant and PBX functionality combined with local and long distance calling from one service provider. There are no major expenses for phone equipment, lowering the Total Cost of Ownership with minimal upfront investment and low monthly fees. If you are a small business owner looking for ways to cut costs, your current phone system is a good place to start. Nextiva can cut your phone bill by as much as 80 percent. Read more about the features and pricing of the Nextiva digital phone service for businesses.