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PennyTalk is an innovative global calling service from IDT, a leader in international telecommunications. PennyTalk offers easy international calling at very competitive rates to more than 200 countries. International calling rates are as low as 1¢ a minute! PennyTalk works from any phone – home, cell or smartphone and offers free mobile apps for iPhone and Android. PennyTalk customers get great call quality at rates up to 90% less than big phone companies.

Since its inception in 1996, Net2Phone has established itself as a world leader in delivering voice services over data networks. Net2Phone delivers new and innovative communication solutions to retail customers and cable operators worldwide. Net2Phone is owned by IDT. IDT is a Fortune 1000 company delivering local, long distance and calling card services to millions of people in 225 countries.

Enjoy big savings, exceptional call quality and easy dialing from your landline or mobile phone with PennyTalk. Call more than 200 countries at our great, low rates plus enjoy clear, reliable connections. With PennyTalk, you won’t sacrifice quality for savings.

All you need is a broadband Internet connection and a telephone and Net2phone VoiceLine handles the rest. They even give you a broadband telephone adapter with a built in router for free when you sign up for their VoIP service. For a limited time they are offering unlimited VoIP calling to the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico for only $24 a month. An unbelievable deal! Net2phone can offer you free service because they know that the VoiceLine VoIP calling quality and reliability is so good that you will have no reason to cancel their digital phone service.

They do not charge you extra for any of the features as some of the larger companies do. VoiceLine has eleven features included in their broadband phone service plan. The features include voicemail, call waiting, speed dial and three-way calling to name a few.

The cable companies that offer digital phone service actually charge you extra for a simple feature like voicemail. Why pay more? Competition brings us lower prices. That is why the VoIP Uprising was created. To offer you choices to give the larger cable and telecom companies competition. If people continue to pay the higher prices for VoIP services, we will be paying for that mistake for generations to come.

The person you are calling does not need to be subscribed to VoiceLine to take advantage of the VoIP services. In fact, whomever you call will not even know you are calling from a digital phone. There are advantages of having the caller use the Net2phone VoIP services though. If you know somebody that lives in, say Timbuktu , your calls will be free if both parties use VoiceLine. That is not a requirement of the service just one of the advantages. Details and Rates

Net2Phone no longer offers VoIP service, however Calling Cards were added to their list of ways to save you money on long distance calling.

Calling Cards

Save on long distance calls to over 250 countries with prepaid calling cards. Each calling card offers low international and U.S. rates from any phone, including your cell phone.

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