ooma - The Free VoIP Service

After further review of the ooma Internet Phone Service, we decided that it may take some time to go mainstream.. You may want to stick with some of the more reliable VoIP services like Phone Power.

ooma offers free unlimited VoIP calling service to anywhere in the United States. You read that sentence correct - ooma is free. No monthly bills. No hidden costs. No contracts. ooma is offering totally free broadband phone service. There is one catch. There are no recurring monthly charges for the ooma VoIP phone service but you do need to buy the ooma Hub that currently sells for $249. The price for the ooma hub is expected to go up to $599. That is a small price to pay for free unlimited calling to anywhere in the United States especially if you do a lot of long distance calling.

ooma comes complete with all of the usual features you would expect from a digital phone service at no extra charge. They do not charge you a penny for their VoIP phone service. ooma offers an instant second line feature that provides two phone lines at the same number. Great feature if your family is on the phone too much. They have the usual Caller ID and blocking, Three-way calling and an advanced broadband answering machine. The trademarked broadband answering machine combines the handiness of a traditional answering machine with the advanced functions of voicemail. ooma's broadband answering machine allows you to check your voicemail through your Internet connection from anywhere in the world.

Other VoIP Internet phone services offer you free hardware to set up your digital phone, ooma reverses this concept, charges you for the hardware, and gives you free VoIP phone service. An interesting concept indeed. If you do a lot of long distance calling in the US , the initial fee for the ooma hub pays for itself in no time. The ooma hub is not an eyesore either. It is a sleek little box about the size of a typical answering machine.

ooma has learned from the experience of their predecessors and peers. They have built their system from the ground up and seeded a peer-to-peer network to make sure they can keep the quality high and the costs low. People in the telecom industry have been saying for years how the Internet would set us free from monthly phone bills.

We think that ooma has a very interesting new concept to VoIP phone services. But not quite sure if this one will go mainstream

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